Thursday, October 22, 2009


To those who read my posts, and to those who comment: I appreciate the interest. For the most part, I will not comment on my own posts. Nor will I reply to others' comments. Because I prefer to focus my energy on the quality of the writing itself, I would find the activity of commenting too distracting for me.

For the record, I may sometimes use comments from others in subsequent posts, if I find that they illustrate a point I'm making. In those cases, I will attribute the quote to the person who made it. Predominantly, however, my posts will consist entirely of my own words. Because a blog is a different medium from others, I will keep my regular posts to between 500 and 1,000 words. If I find that I'm running long, I'll edit the piece down to its essentials before publishing it. I will rarely, if ever, use photos in my posts.

A few words about the topics I will cover. Under very rare circumstances will I write overtly about politics or current events. There are a great many blogs out there that do this already, and I personally am more interested in the realm of personal values. That said, when one holds a particular world view - as I do - you can expect some political notions to crop into my pieces. As a man who values independence above all else, you can expect that I will not be praising modern politicians who pander to the very lowest common denominator among men. This applies as much in my adopted land of Australia as it does to my country of birth.

Thank you all for the good comments and support so far! In the near future, look for my views on the life of a new immigrant, on why I am an unabashed Francophile and on how one becomes classy - among many many other topics.

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